I provide excellent service in removing the existing caulking, prepping the joint and then sealing. I use a high grade construction silicone that provides me with 54 colours to choose from with a 10 year warranty!!


What time of the year is best to do caulking?

Year round at temperatures around +30 through -25 C. Commercial grade caulking and can not be bought in hardware stores. 

How do you know if the caulking needs to be redone?

You will see cracks, splitting, and gaps missing. Generally the tops of frames and windows will fail first, then sides then bottom.

Can you go over old caulking to save money?

You can, but we don't reccomend it. It will make your caulking bead twice the size and will provide a little bonding point on the edges. 

Do you include pipes and vents around the home?

Yes! They are considered openings.

Do we need to be home while you work?

No, you do not have to be home. All windows will need to be closed and gates open.

What type of payment do we take?

We accept cash, or cheque.

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